Stress-Free IT

Complete IT infrastructure and endpoint management, scalable to match any business size and budget

At ProSource we want you to reap the benefits of technological transformation, not struggle with the processes

Return on technology investments is a key objective for most organizations. To achieve this, it’s imperative that your IT spending be closely aligned with your key business objectives and strategy. ProSource Complete Managed Services are specifically designed for the organization that feels it is spending too much time and money, with too few tangible benefits, on their tech.

ProSource Complete Managed Services offer a complete suite of services to guide your technology investment choices and to free your organization from the tasks better handled by experts. These include IT strategy consulting, hardware and system configuration, problem diagnosis and remediation by dedicated ProSource experts, and 24/7 remote monitoring.


Key features of ProSource Technology Solutions’s Complete Managed Services:

  • Monitoring and maintenance of your system and equipment 24/7, so that everything is working as it should whenever you need it
  • Tiered, flat-fee service plans, to provide the peace of mind of predictable budgeting
  • Industry-leading data security solutions so you always know and control who does and does not have access to your information
  • Consulting services including network design, BCDR, project management, and business productivity workflow analysis, to craft the most time- and cost-effective solutions for your needs
  • Vendor management using our technical expertise to align your vendor contracts with the services you need

More than just your technicians, we’re your problem solvers

Whether you're looking for a new technology roadmap, trying to implement a big project, or filling knowledge gaps in your current IT team, we're here to help. Contact ProSource today to learn more!


Business Continuity

Major incident management to disaster-proof your organization, including post-event data retrieval and proactive data-loss prevention measures

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Information Security

Cyberthreat prevention, detection, and response solutions ensure hardware and applications operate free of malware, and data remains safe and accessible

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Connecting People

Collaboration tools for the digital transformation age with a complete suite of harmonized communication services and internet telephony

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Everything, Everywhere

A robust cloud portfolio of customizable hosted services, from patch management and website hosting to data storage and virtual desktops

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