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ProSource data center and cloud solutions deliver flexibility, efficiency, security, and performance

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The cloud is no longer just a catchword. It has become a necessity for businesses and organizations of every size, facilitating virtually everything. Adopting cloud capabilities gives you secure access to your files and applications on any internet-ready device regardless of where you are. But this is not merely storage: virtualization makes possible the transfer of your IT environment off-site, shifting your OS, data, and apps from your servers to the cloud with boosts to security, functionality, and availability coupled to huge cost reductions.

With fewer and fewer reasons to maintain on-premises implementations, the time is now to begin leveraging this powerful technology. ProSource recognizes that any change is stressful, so we specialize in protocols and technologies that were created with the cloud and on-premises systems in mind, to ease migration between the two. Contact us today for an assessment and a clear outline of the opportunities open to your business or organization.


Key features of our hosted solutions service:

  • The ability to turn every internet connected device, regardless of location, into a business process tool for your organization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and hosted applications to eliminate the costs of maintaining software on multiple endpoints
  • Disaster recovery cloud solutions to ensure your data is secure and accessible after any scale of tech calamity
  • Regularly synchronized data backups with redundant offsite and co-location storage so that no important data can ever go missing
  • Website hosting that protects your brand and ensures your business is seen and always available online, integrated with our other services

Our ProSource Cloud solution is dedicated to keeping your business running around the clock.

ProSource offers a robust portfolio of cloud services that are custom-tailored to suit your business needs. Contact us today to learn more!



Next-Level Data Security

Quick facts about our best-in-class data center:

  • Fenced perimeter and 24/7 on-premises security guards
  • Extensive video surveillance system
  • Vehicle blockades and equipment checks
  • 5-tier authentication for data center access
  • Biometric, keypad, and keycard access systems

Stress-Free IT

Complete IT management in multi-tier service plans, offering a comprehensive range of monitoring, analysis, remediation, and security solutions

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Business Continuity

Major incident management to disaster-proof your organization, including post-event data retrieval and proactive data-loss prevention measures

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Information Security

Cyberthreat prevention, detection, and response solutions ensure hardware and applications operate free of malware, and data remains safe and accessible

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Connecting People

Collaboration tools for the digital transformation age with a complete suite of harmonized communication services and internet telephony

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