Cloud Backup and DRaaS

Leverage a third-party cloud provider to protect your data and recover faster

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Get back up and running fast after any data loss event with cloud-hosted data backup

You need to invest in a system to protect critical data and recover it fast when disasters strike. Without reliable data backup and disaster recovery, downtime takes longer, data loss results in loss of clients’ trust, and productivity suffers significantly. But as a business owner, you also need to keep costs down. A system that can offer rapid failover is imperative, but you don’t want to purchase additional hardware, waste time managing it, or spend resources maintaining it.

ProSource’s Cloud Backup and DRaaS lets you take advantage of our team’s expertise and the reliable quality of the cloud’s big brands — AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud — to achieve fast failover without the hassles. Our service securely backs your data up to a third-party cloud system, so when you need recovery, your RTO and RPO can be easily met. You can leave the management, maintenance, and monitoring to us so you can focus more on growing your business.


The benefits of ProSource’s Cloud Backup and DRaaS include:

  • Seamless

    Use your cloud repository like a local backup repository. Simply open the Veeam backup console and make your cloud repository a target for any backup or backup copy job.

  • Efficient

    Leverages forever-incremental backups, in-cloud synthetic fulls, Built-in WAN Acceleration (in Enterprise Plus edition) and more to minimize data transfer while maximizing restore points. Get your backups off site quickly and easily without adding bandwidth.

  • Secure

    Rest easy by encrypting your backup at source, in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting data transfer to the cloud (thanks to content-aware compression and WAN Acceleration). Cloud Connect’s multi-tenant capabilities also ensure that your data is as safe and confidential as it would be in your own dedicated offsite repository.

Our Cloud Backup and DRaaS give you:

Cloud Connect also makes it easy to recover from cloud backups—instantly, without downloading backup files. Simply browse your backups online and restore exactly what you need, whether that’s an entire VM or an individual email or spreadsheet.

  • Physical or virtual deployment
  • Triple layer end-to-end encryption
  • Mobile data security
  • Scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Push-button failover
  • On-demand testing
  • Security and compliance

How flexible and cost-efficient is ProSource’s Cloud Backup and DRaaS?

Our system lets you failover a single virtual machine or the entire on-site network, at no additional cost. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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