Orlando Managed IT Services


  • Strategic IT management
  • Custom, end-to-end solutions
  • Workflow, process optimization


  • Increased efficiency, uptime
  • Predictable monthly expense
  • Eliminate costly bottlenecks


  • Solutions for all industries
  • Decades of industry knowledge
  • Best-in-class channel partners


  • Privately-owned cloud storage
  • High-availability storage
  • Rapid-growth strategies

ProSource Complete Managed Services offer a complete suite of services to guide your technology investment choices and free your organization from the tasks better handled by experts. Identifying and strategically aligning your technology needs will supercharge your business and empower your employees.

20 Signs that your business is ready for Managed Services

Find out when your business will truly benefit from a technology provider

Orlando managed IT services designed for local & national needs

Whether you’re looking for a new technology roadmap, trying to implement a big project, or filling knowledge gaps in your current IT team, we’re here to help. Contact ProSource today to learn more!

What happens first?

Lets get started

Day 1
We kickoff your onboarding by assigning a vCIO whom will meet with you during a scheduled on-site assessment. Your vCIO wil guide you through the onboarding process and be there to answer any questions along the way.
Day 7-10
Our engineers and leadership team review all of the data from the assessment, cataloging it into our secure systems.
Day 15
We craft our strategy to bring you into the world of Stress-Free IT.
Day 20
Together, we schedule our second meeting to review our plan of action.
Day 31
We present action plans and priorities taking into account your business objectives and feedback from our review meeting.

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Business Continuity

Major incident management to disaster-proof your organization, including post-event data retrieval and proactive data-loss prevention measures

Information Security

Cyberthreat prevention, detection, and response solutions ensure hardware and applications operate free of malware, and data remains safe and accessible

Connecting People

Collaboration tools for the digital transformation age with a complete suite of harmonized communication services and internet telephony

Everything, Everywhere

A robust cloud portfolio of customizable hosted services, from patch management and website hosting to data storage and virtual desktops