Information Security

Cyberthreats can do no harm in a prepared and resilient cybersecurity environment

ProSource offers a vast array of data security measures to ensure your information remains safe and accessible

As business-critical processes become increasingly dependent on the storage and movement of information on the internet, so too grow the risk factors from any cyberattack: data loss, personal data and intellectual property theft, and malware intrusions. At ProSource, we recognize that lost data can do real damage. To prevent the cascade of negative outcomes that can result from a data security event, businesses and organizations need near- and long-term information security strategies.

In the years that ProSource has been managing our clients’ systems, we’ve built a solid information security strategy, one which constantly evolves to counter the shifting threats. We utilize industry-standard best practices and tools, offer end-to-end comprehensive security solutions, and provide assessment and training for in-house threat mitigation.

Key features of ProSource Information Security:

  • Anti-malware defenses, detection, filtering, and countermeasures
  • Patch management and monitoring to ensure your servers and endpoints receive the latest security rollouts
  • Onsite, offsite and co-location secured storage redundancy, synchronized with automated backups
  • Password and other authentication credentials management
  • Security and compliance best practices training for all staff and stakeholders

3 Essential Types Of Cyber Security Solutions Your Business Must Have

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Business Continuity

Major incident management to disaster-proof your organization, including post-event data retrieval and proactive data-loss prevention measures

Information Security

Cyberthreat prevention, detection, and response solutions ensure hardware and applications operate free of malware, and data remains safe and accessible

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