Business Continuity

Major incident management to disaster-proof your organization

Leverage a third-party cloud provider to protect
your data and recover faster

Ensure data protection and always-on availability

Never panic over lost data again

Planning for a data-loss event is becoming a ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ scenario. Disasters, natural or otherwise, can render your network, hardware, or brick-and-mortar facility inaccessible, cutting you off from the data your business processes require. And while data-driven technologies have fostered many new ways for businesses to compete, one of these is on basic availability: If your organization is finding downtime less and less tolerable, creating an integrated BC (business continuity) plan is essential.

ProSource has over a decade of experience ensuring our clients remain operational during an adverse event, and return to full functionality as quickly as possible. Our Business Continuity service identifies and prioritizes your risk factors, then implements a multi-faceted contingency plan. This will include scheduled, automated backups in our Orlando data center or to redundant co-locations, and post-interruption protocols like server migration or hardware substitutions. The objective being that regardless of natural calamities, cyberattacks, or catastrophic equipment failure, your operations suffer the least impact possible.

Key features of ProSource Technology Solutions’ Business Continuity:

  • Comprehensive BC consulting with ProSource experts on your unique data risk factors and business-process priorities
  • Basic data-retrieval security protocols featuring scheduled and automated backups with redundant, on and off site solutions
  • Proactive replication and failover solutions to come as close as possible to zero-risk for data loss and downtime
  • Disaster recovery automation for migrations and recovery protocols, to enable the quickest possible return to operations
  • Specialized contingency training for members of your highest-priority business areas

How can ProSource Technology Solutions’s Business Continuity service ensure your business or organization survives a major disruption ?

By preparing for any eventuality with protocols to protect your data and restore your access to it, immediately. Get in touch with ProSource today to learn more!

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