Manufacturing IT Services

The information technology tools you need to increase output and decrease costs

Productivity and cost-control solutions for streamlined end-to-end manufacturing

Companies in this industry need to constantly innovate and improve their processes and systems. And with a wide network of suppliers, vendors, distributors, and customers, it’s essential for manufacturing IT infrastructure to be agile and easy to understand. Since 2006, ProSource Technology Solutions has been helping manufacturers understand and leverage the rapid advances in technology to improve their operations and tech ROI.

ProSource’s roster of complete technical solutions can help you avoid production delays, unnecessary costs, and tedious learning curves. Our expert IT consultants know how to translate the jargon and provide clearly defined answers and options, so you can make the best choices.

ProSource manufacturing ITaaS solution includes:

  • Around-the-clock system and security monitoring for downtime-free operation
  • Tools to foster greater communication and collaboration between the office and the factory floor
  • Consulting and planning for advances in enterprise solutions, design, and automation
  • Process management (MPM) implementations and optimization
  • Fixed monthly plans that enable you to pay only for the technology and services your operation requires
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