Finance and Insurance

Tools to help you safeguard your clients’ information and exceed their expectations

Maximize your technology ROI while maintaining the confidentiality of client information

Financial and insurance professionals face the risks of handling vast amounts of confidential information. Losing or compromising this data can cause significant harm to both them and their clients. Regulations are in place for the privacy of this data, and keeping in compliance with these mandates presents yet another challenge.

ProSource’s ProSource Managed Services is specialized to help financial and insurance firms with data protection and regulatory compliance. Our BCDR solutions will regularly back up your files to ensure everything is immediately recoverable in the event of a disaster, and we’ll implement protocols to keep your software and hardware updated and protected by the latest anti-malware programs.

ProSource finance and insurance ITaaS solution includes:

  • Remote 24/7/365 certified-technician monitoring to keep your systems up and optimized
  • Robust data backups and recovery plans with encryption and filtering tools to keep your and your clients’ confidential information safe
  • Guaranteed compliance recommendations to meet SEC regulations and mandates
  • Finance and insurance industry-specific implementations and consulting so your business’s needs are met with the appropriate system and application software
  • Cloud services so stakeholders have easy, anywhere, anytime access to your network

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