Voice Services (VoIP)
Telephone service is one of the most important technology fixtures in your business. Without it, you starve by missing opportunities from new and potential customers and more importantly, lose contact with your current ones. But, why pay more than you have to for such a commodity service? Enter Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service... A flexible, highly scalable, work from anywhere telephone technology. Average savings for ProSource Voice Services clients range from 30%-50% on a recurring monthly basis when compared to traditional telephone service.
So how does it work?
If you have a broadband internet connection, we use it to transport voice calls along with regular internet data. Yes, it's just that simple. What makes our service different?
We own and manage our entire telephony infrastructure. We don't resell another providers' service and rebrand it as our own. This gives us complete control over HOW the system is configured and total flexibility to meet every clients specific telephone needs. You will not find a more adaptable, scalable system anywhere... Got your attention? Contact us today for a FREE comparative analysis to see how we stack up against your current telephone provider.

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