IT Consulting
Our collaborative consulting engagements take a unique approach to business problems by: - Understanding Your Business Goals
- Introducing Appropriate Technology
- Planning for Business Growth
- Improving Workflow to Enhance Efficiency
- Utilizing Existing Equipment Project Management: At ProSource Technology Solutions, we will research options and provide comprehensive solutions to choose from. We will provide appropriate recommendations based on your desired outcome. We'll interface with vendors to ensure you get the best price and service. And, we will oversee and manage installations to make certain your project is completed on time and within budget.

Business Productivity: Is your business as efficient as it can be? In today’s business environment, simply providing the programs and software your people need to do their jobs is not enough any more. You need help enhancing the way they work individually, the way they perform together, and the way they interact with your customers. Let us provide you with innovative and successful solutions built around your company’s business and communication needs. IT Assessments & Audits: Many small to medium size businesses have IT equipment but may not be utilizing their investment to it's fullest potential. Our comprehensive IT assessment uncovers all facets or equipment, communications, and service providers and consolidates that information into an easy to understand report that you keep whether you use our services or not. We can even provide a "second opinion" on configuration and network security if you already have an IT guy, so you know if you are getting what you've paid for. Contact one of our service representatives for more information on how our assessment can improve your return on investment. Business Continuity Planning - With large corporation disaster planning experience, our specialists can assist with complete disaster preparedness manuals and business continuity plans to protect your business in times of disaster.
Workflow Optimization - Our specialists will evaluate your business systems to pinpoint, modernize, and simplify internal processes.
Mobile Computing – Let us develop a vital network of BlackBerry’s, Smart Phones and Tablet PC’s to give you to-the-minute access to information anytime, anywhere.
VPN / Remote Access – Help your business gain a competitive edge by allowing your people to be productive even outside the office.

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